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Color, Character and Charisma

It’s not everyday you stumble on a brand with more personality than most people. And that’s why we’re so stoked to announce the addition of Blenders Eyewear to the Vea Challenge feed. The rad sunglasses company was founded in San Diego, and it’s pretty clear when you have a look at their style - characterized by energy, passion and vibrance, that they’re one of a kind. The Blenders story starts just like the Mad Men “Bar Nap” scene (if you don’t know this, you’re missing out). A competitive surfer, and his neighbor, who was a graphic designer bought cheap neon sunglasses for a sunny day at the beach.

The K Series Frame

Blenders is Born

The best things in life aren’t planned. When founders Chase and Blake bought a cheap pair of sunglasses, they never would have expected it to become what Blenders is today. The interest, compliments and questions about their new neon sunglasses (which had just been bought on the beach) ignited passion. The two entrepreneurs realized that there was a place in the world for quality, head-turning, affordable sunglasses that characterized the West Coast lifestyle.

The L Series Frames

And They Want to Hook You Up

Now Blenders is comin’ at ya - on Vea. Just as Vea aspires improve your life through fitness, Blenders wants to help you express your personality. And so much so, they’re willing to give you up to 25% off their colorful sunglasses - which have been spotted on celebrities like Snoop Dogg and numerous pro surfers.

Snoop Lion Rockin' the Blendizzles

The Deals

Blenders’ Challenges in the Vea Feed are:


  • 15% off for running 2.5 miles
  • 20% off for running 3 miles
  • 25% off for running 4 miles


  • 15% off for biking 5 miles
  • 20% off for biking 7 miles
  • 25% off for biking 10 miles

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