Poppin’ Health Trends of 2018

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We are almost a quarter into 2018! Statistics show that a staggering 92 percent of people that set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them? That’s according to research by the University of Scranton. It is sometimes difficult to stick to our goals, especially if they are fitness or health-related. Fitness trends come and go and are ever evolving so quickly! However, these fitness trends have made the quarter mark for the year, and it is looking like they are going to stick for a pretty long time!


This is the year of gut health! People are starting to practice self-care for their stomachs and seeing positive results for more than just indigestion. Fermented food and drinks are popping up everywhere! Scientist and Nutritionists are looking beyond the good and bad bacteria balance of the digestive tract. We are seeing a focus on prebiotics which are food ingredients that induce the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms. You can find them in foods that you don’t eat much of or hear much talk about such as jicama, chicory root, gum arabic, and Jerusalem artichokes. Foods such as raw garlic and asparagus may be easier to come by!

Collagen Shake is the NEW Protein Shake

Collagen is the protein that you naturally produce for your skin, bones, and cartilage. It has become the new superfood, but not just the new superfood you eat! You also wear it! Beauty products are also making a push to add collagen to their product lines claiming anti-aging, acne reduction, and improved wound healing as benefits. It’s also part of the “gut health” movement so you can hit 2 fitness trends with one-upping this stuff! You can start by putting money into a well-known brand like Vital Proteins or simply start by drinking bone broth and eating more egg whites to get that collagen in while saving some dollar bills.

Go GREEN Babes!

“Eat your veggies” is the motto for 2018! Not just for moms, but a sweeping number of people who have jumped on the plant-based eating train in 2018. We are finding that people are all about “going green” in every way this year from preserving our planet to switching to all-natural beauty products, and changing their diets to avoid eating meat. Celebrities and wealthy investors are assisting with the push to be more environmental friendly and to love animals- not eat or wear them. Many health-conscious people are switching out the meat for healthy alternatives such as jackfruit, tempeh, and seitan. Restaurants are adding meatless burgers to their menus and launching all vegan food menus! Even McDonalds jumped on board with its McVegan…(Still not trusting that).

We will see a few other trends pop up and change the health and fitness industry such as sleep optimization (as in we all need more sleep to be effective in life), and intermittent fasting (which is a lengthy topic on its own), and the importance of daily breathwork and meditation. The takeaway is that making healthy choices, eating well, and exercising is NOT A FAD. That’s the number one trend that is here to stay! We are finding that millennials would rather be healthy than wealthy which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Let’s see what pops up as the year presses onward! Stay Fit Friends!

Anna Robbins is a Certified Personal Trainer, Track and Field Coach, and Manager for a Women’s Fitness Club. She has worked in a variety of positions in the fitness industry. She currently trains and completes triathlons with a women’s triathlon team “TEAM LC”, which is on a mission to inspire and empower women through triathlon training and competition. Anna is working to complete a Masters degree in Athletic Training and plans to join the military. She is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for life. Follow her on Instagram for more fitness inspo: @shetrisfitness

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