Welcome, Benjamin’s Desk, to the Vea Fitness Summer Workout Challenge!

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We’re STOKED to have you. You’ve just joined the fastest growing new wave in fitness fun. Get ready for competition, collaboration and accomplishment….and the opportunity to win up to $500 in prizes plus a ton of fitness swag. Let’s go!

Challenge Summary

Your office cheerleader has already contacted you with a rundown on the challenge. This person will be your go-to internal resource for any questions you have, but please don’t hesitate to ask the Vea Fitness team any questions you might have by emailing hello@veafitness.com!

To encourage workplace wellness, while engaging employees, Benjamin’s Desk, and several partner companies, have teamed up with Vea Fitness to create a summer fitness challenge. Using the Vea Fitness app to track the workouts, office members must walk, run or bike a mile each day for 30 days. In order to officially enter the challenge, at least 7 days in a row must be completed initially.

Here’s how it works

  • First, download the Vea Fitness app on iOS or Android
  • We set up a Group Fitness Challenge in Vea Fitness, which can be found under “Rewards” tab -> “Challenges” see screenshot
  • Each participant joins this Challenge on day 1, and are entered for the whole month
  • After day 1, the user can just jump into a run/walk/bike/gym workout from home screen “Start Activity” button
  • If you need help, watch a 60s tutorial video here

The Challenge

  • Run/walk 1 mile a day, as many days in a row as you can
  • Or: bike, or 20 min with gym check in
  • Workouts are verified by GPS tracking and Gym timer

***IMPORTANT***: To enter the sweepstakes drawings and officially join the challenge, users must do consecutive workouts for the first 7 days - starting on day 1!

The Prizes
Each Office is a Team. The winning team is the office that completes the 1 mile a day Challenge the most times.

Teams can earn $500 cash, plus CORE Hydration water bottles, Vea Fitness tank tops and arm bands, and gift certificates to healthy eateries and restaurants.

If your office would like to create a bigger prize pool or offer other gifts for your participants, please email us hello@veafitness.com.
IMPORTANT: All users need to sign up for Vea Fitness using their work email. This enters you into the correct office group. If you signed up with facebook or another email, please contact support@veafitness.com with “BD Challenge Email Update [Your name]” as the subject line.

Experiencing issues with the app? Contact us at support@veafitness.com and we’ll get on it ASAP! 


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