Snap Kitchen: Our Lead Dietician Does #MeatlessMondays. Here’s Why.

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By Claire Siegel, Lead Dietician at Snap Kitchen. Originally Appearing on Snap Kitchen Blog

By nature, I’m a carnivore. When asked what my favorite food is, I respond “cheeseburgers,” without pause, breath, or blink.

I can tell you all of the best spots for barbecue in Austin, and I’ve been known to toss a side of Chopped Almond Crusted Chicken atop our Grilled Kale Hoppin’ John.

I was going about my merry meat-eating way until I wasn’t. After a few confrontations (both online and IRL at health conferences) with the nutritional and environmental implications of my meat-heavy diet, I’ve since taken baby steps toward a more flexitarian diet.

Now, I strive to incorporate 1-2 meatless meals a day, and make one day per week totally plant-based, usually Monday.

But before you write me off as one of those people, let me explain. Here are just a few reasons to go meatless next Monday, and every Monday after that:

It’s good for you.
Swapping animal proteins (especially those higher in saturated fat) for plant powered veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains will boost your daily intake of antioxidants, fiber, and heart healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Increased consumption of veggies, fruits, and whole grains have been shown to decrease risk for heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

It’s good for the planet.
A lesser known aspect of meat consumption is the amount of natural resources required to get them from the field (or factory farm) to your plate. A couple comparisons: it takes 1,850 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef, and only 39 gallons to produce a pound of veggies.

It takes nearly 12x as much fossil fuel energy to produce 1 calorie of meat-based protein vs. 1 calorie of grain-based protein.

Monday’s a fresh start.
Studies show that people are most open to making healthy choices on Mondays, as it is often seen as a day to reset and restart.

Making good choices on a Monday also sets the tone for the rest of your week. That said, if Mondays are a no go, we encourage you to go meatless whenever works for you.

Expand your culinary boundaries.
Pasta with cashew cream sauce, coconut milk matcha latte, and matcha chia pudding? Your culinary prowess (and Instagram page) is about to pop off.

It’s easy
You must have heard by now, but I’ll fill you in just in case. We just launched 6 new 100% meatless meal options, and they’re ridiculously crave-worthy.


About the Author, and our Friend at Snap Kitchen

Claire is Snap Kitchen’s Lead Registered Dietitian. Her food philosophy focuses on balancing whole foods and her penchant for red wine and dark chocolate. Claire is into cooking, live comedy, and getting crafty. She’s the blogger behind The Petite Professional, where she details how to realistically maintain health through delicious and simple food and fitness. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

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