VIDEO // Vea Fitness Travel Series - Cozumel, Mexico

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In the wintery months of November, the Vea team and friends took off to Cozumel, Mexico to stay at the wonderful Villa Yak’Alil. Mostly on a trip to film Vea promotional content, the team did all kinds of fitness-related activities which you’ll see in coming days and weeks on our Instagram. We also made sure to enjoy the warm vibe that little island so consistently delivers. Snorkeling, jogging on soft sand and soaking up vitamin D - there was no shortage of smiles.

Vea believes in rewarding your workouts. We also believe in you rewarding yourself in every facet of life. So soak it up, and check out our trip to Cozumel, Mexico.

Been to Cozumel? Let us know your must-know recommendations below.

Never Forget to Reward Yourself

Jonathan Maxim
Jonathan Maxim is an app designer, digital marketer and thought leader in the fitness and technology realms. After leaving his job at a Fortune 50 company, he merged his management experience with his passion for technology and innovation to create Apps that encourage fitness and wellness. Educated at San Diego State University first in Graphic Design and User Interface, he went on to gain his Masters of Business from SDSU as well. Currently he serves as founder and CEO of Vea Fitness, an app that rewards you for working out with monetary incentives.
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