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The Dirty Down-Low

We built the VEA platform to enable businesses - to help realize your revenue and ROI goals. We took our experience in advertising and media buying, and thought up a checklist of ideal attributes

  • Make the barriers to entry low: cost and ease of onboarding
  • Make it marketer-friendly. VEA for Business doesn‚Äôt require any technical knowledge to post a challenge to the feed
  • Utilize already in-place affiliate marketing departments

In addition to the above, we also wanted to make sure it easy to sell upward

  • Low monthly cost makes ROI creation easy and measurable
  • Your company only pays an affiliate cost when users actually make a purchase
  • 3 months free gives you plenty of time scale up your campaign, and a no-risk period to test its viability for your particular products

There really isn’t much risk as an advertiser. There are no up-front costs, free onboarding and consultation. Most importantly, VEA carries a highly-promising user base that is passionate about their exercise, and their shopping.

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The Largest, Most Trusted Brands in the World are on VEA

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy. For now, we are talking to all business partners in person. There are three service packages, and you can start for free.
  • Starter
    • 3 Months of Free Service
    • Up to 5 Reward Posts per Month
    • 1 Month Free Onboarding
    • No Monthly Consulting Hours Included
    • No Discounts Applied
  • Premier
    • 3 Months of Free Service
    • Unlimited Reward Posts per Month
    • 3 Months Free Onboarding
    • 30 Monthly Consulting Hours Included
    • 15% Discount if Paid 12 Months in Advance

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